Drive Shaft For Proton Waja Gen 2 Persona ( 4G18 / Basic Campro / Campro IAFM )

Drive Shaft For Proton Waja Gen 2 Persona ( 4G18 / Basic Campro / Campro IAFM )


Product Description

Drive Shaft For Proton Waja Gen 2 Persona ( 4G18 / Basic Campro / Campro IAFM )


– Proton Waja 1.6 L Mitsubishi 4G18 I4 / BASIC CAMPRO (2000 – 2011) – NOT SUITABLE FOR WAJA CAMPRO CPS and 1.8 L Renault F4P I4
– Proton Gen-2 (2004 – 2011) NOT SUITABLE FOR GEN 2 CPS
– Proton Persona (2007 – 2016) NOT SUITABLE FOR PERSONA CPS

Position / Posisi:
Right Hand Side = Driver Side / Kanan = Pemandu
Left Hand Side = Passenger Side / Kiri = Penumpang

Brand: LUCAS or ASHIMORI (or Equivalent Replacement Parts depending on stock availability)

– This product comes with Left Hand Side and Right Hand Side variations. Please ensure the product position has been chosen correctly when placing the order.
(Produk ini mempunyai variasi Kiri dan Kanan. Sila pastikan posisi yang betul telah dipilih semasa membuat pesanan.)
– Please also ensure a correct engine type is chosen correctly.
(Sila juga pastikan jenis enjin yang betul dipilih dengan betul.)
– This is an AFTERMARKET STANDARD REPLACEMENT PART. The product has been sold and used by many professional car mechanics, which has been proven GOOD in QUALITY and RELIABLE.
– We provide 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing and material defect. Buyer shall responsible for shipping charges for returns. Once the returned item is received and inspected, 100% of the product purchased price will be refunded within 3 working days. The refund does NOT include outgoing shipping charge.
– A driveshaft is the cylindrical shaft that transmits torque from the engine to the wheels. Driveshafts are a very precisely balanced and weighted component, due to the fact that they rotate at very high speeds and torque values in order to turn the wheels.
– Signs of a bad drive shaft / drivetrain
+ Intense vibrations from underneath the vehicle
+ Abnormal noises
+ Difficulty turning and making it difficult to control the vehicle
– Faulty part of Drive Shaft is often diagnosed wrongly. So, it should be inspected carefully and repaired by experience mechanic.
– Vibrations and noises from underneath the vehicle may come from various sources as below:
+ Drive Shaft
+ Lower Arm
+ Upper Arm
+ Stabilizer Link
+ Arm Bush
+ Absorber
+ Absorber Mounting
+ etc
– Photos only for illustration purpose.

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