Front Stab Bush Stabilizer Bar Bush – Perodua Axia – 2pcs

– Perodua Axia (2014 – Present)


Product Description

Front Stab Bush Stabilizer Bar Bush – Perodua Viva – Rubber / Silicone – 2pcs

– Perodua Axia (2014 – Present)

Measurement :
ID: About 20 mm
L: About 32 mm

Brand : Standard Aftermarket Replacement Parts

– This item contains 2 pieces of Stabilizer Bar Bush for both Right and Left hand side application.
(Item ini mengandungi 2 biji Stabilizer Bar Bush untuk aplikasi kedua-dua sisi kanan dan kiri.)

– Stabilizer Bar Bush located on the undercarriage of your vehicle and engineered to reduce road noise, absorb bumps and cracks in roads and deliver a softer ride, the stabilizer bar is supported with rubber bushings that keep the vehicle’s body from rolling as it navigates turns.

– Some of the common symptoms of a bad sway bar bushing or sway bar links going bad are:
+ clunking noise,
+ rattling noise,
+ knocking uneven noise road,
+ lack of stability when driving and noise going over speed bumps.
+ poor handling during turns.

– Product shape / configuration as shown in Photos, however the colour may varies depending on production batch and materials composition.
(Bentuk / konfigurasi produk seperti yang ditunjukkan dalam Foto, namun warnanya dapat bervariasi bergantung pada kumpulan produksi dan komposisi bahan.)

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