Bardahl 20W50 Engine Oil 4 Liters Minyak Enjin 20 50 + Oil Filter for Proton Cars – Minyak Hitam

Engine Oil: Bardahl 20W-50 API SG/CD 4 litres (Original / Genuine Product by Bardahl)
Oil Filter: PC121102 or PW811577 or Equivalent (Original / Genuine Parts by Proton)


Product Description

<== Flammable Liquids – No Shipment by Air===>
<== Cecair Mudah Terbakar-Tiada Penghantaran melalui Udara==>

Engine Oil: Bardahl 20W-50 API SG/CD 4 litres (Original / Genuine Product by Bardahl)
Oil Filter: PC121102 or PW811577 or Equivalent (Original / Genuine Parts by Proton)

Propose Application:
–  Proton Saga / Iswara  (1985 – 2008)
–  Proton Wira (1993 – 2007)
–  Proton Satria (1995 – 2005)
–  Proton Waja (2000 – 2011)
–  Proton Saga BLM (2008 – Present)
–  Proton Putra (1995 – 2000) (2004 – 2005)
–  Proton Perdana (1995 – 2010)
–  Proton Gen-2 (2004 – 2011)
–  Proton Persona (2007 – 2016)
–  Proton Satria NEO (2006 – 2015)
–  Proton Exora (2009 – Present)
–  Proton Inspira (2010 – 2015)
–  Proton Preve (2012 – Present)
–  Proton Suprima S (2013 – Present)
–  Proton Arena (2002 – 2011)
–  Proton Juara (2001 – 2003)

(This package is not suitable for Proton Tiara, Proton Savvy, Proton Waja 1.8 because different oil filter is required)


–  Suitable engine oil should be chosen based on:
+ Recommended Oil Grade as indicated in the user service manual
+ Engine Model
+ Engine Age and Condition
+ DrivingBehaviour
+ Weather Conditions
+ Budget

–  This is a basic engine oil service package which includes Engine Oil and Oil Filter.
–  These are 100% genuine products, please buy with confidence.
–  The manufacturer may change the product packaging from time to time without prior notice.

Product Features:

Bardahl Premium MXP Mineral Engine Oil with Advanced Fullerenes Formula

Bardahl Super XP Mineral Engine Oil SAE 20W50 SG/CD is formulated using highly refined base stocks for added thermal and oxidation stability. Together with a proven anti-wear additive package, Super XP engine oil demonstrates outstanding performance in all operating conditions.

It resists oil-thickening caused by high temperature, and contains detergents and dispersants to keep the engine clean. This oil protects against deposits in the piston ring belt area and in the vital oil passageways where deposit formation can reduce oil flow, resulting in engine failure.

It is fortified with highly stable viscosity index improver to ensure consistent viscosity and high-temperature, high-shear protection Formulated additionally with Bardahl Fullerenes Technology, it provides added protection against cold starts and always maintains a strong oil film to protect metal surfaces during high load or high-temperature conditions, which can destroy the oil film of an inferior lubricant.

Bardahl Fullerenes Technology

Longest Bardahl No Oil Run – Clear Testimony of Extraordinary Engine Protection

–  Superior protection against harmful deposits and acids.
–  High-temperature stable.
–  Cost-effective and versatile lubricants.
–  Keeps engine operationally efficient.
–  Improved engine cleanliness.
–  Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion.
–  Improved control of oil consumption.
–  Superior foaming control.








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