Oil Sump Nut or Oil Drain Plug is located on either the bottom or side of its oil pan. The plug keeps the motor’s lubricant from pouring out because of the constant effects of pressure created inside of the vehicle’s crankcase and gravity itself. 

In the 1980s and 90s, cars typically had steel oil pans. Now, vehicle manufacturers have moved towards aluminum oil drain pans for better heat transfer purposes. 

Due to the softer aluminum characteristics compared to steel, cross-threading and overtightening can easily strip the oil pan. 


Oversized oil sump nut is used for oil pan that having problems (the hole has become big or loose). The following video explained how does it work.

For normal usage pleases choose Standard Size Oil Sump Nut.

Parts for oil sump



Cara penggunaan Oversize Oil Sump nut untuk menyelesaikan masalah minyak enjin bocor.

Untuk penggunaan biasa sila pilih Oil Sump Nut Saiz Standard.

Oil sump nut berukuran besar digunakan untuk penakung minyak yang mengalami masalah (lubang menjadi besar atau longgar). Video berikut menerangkan bagaimana ia berfungsi.


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